would you ask a man this question?!

would you ask a man this question?!

Credit to Identities.Mic for pulling these awesome women together into one page: http://mic.com/articles/110338/12-women-who-had-the-perfect-response-to-sexist-questions

In addition to a being a place where I can rant about sexism, I would like to use this blog as a space for recognizing the amazing people out there who are responding to sexism in *perfect* ways. A few posts ago, I referred to the questions that female celebrities get about “how they manage to keep a healthy work/life balance” as cultural sexism. It’s furthering the idea that women are supposed to be the sole caregivers of children, which also means that men are not expected to do much for the family outside of making money But the times are changing. More and more families are evenly splitting household and childcare responsiibilites (or, dividing them up based on what people actually like to do, rather than what society tells them to do). This means that men, too, have to find a way to keep a healthy work/life balance.

So… I was ecstatic when I read Jennifer Garner’s response to this tired question. She and Ben Affleck don’t just share the same career.  They also share the same family. So how is it possible that not one reporter asked him the question she was asked over and over again. “Isn’t is time to kinda change that conversation?”

Absolute Jennifer. I’m on board. Keep up the good work.



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