“Even if it’s Far Away, it’s Better… ‘Cause They’re Not that Scared”

“Even if it’s Far Away, it’s Better… ‘Cause They’re Not that Scared”

I think one of the scariest parts of doing this blog throughout the semester has been how easy it is to find instances of overt sexism. It is 2015, and yet every time I log into Facebook or Instagram (I myself am not a Twitter-er) I find something else to write about.

But I think this video takes the cake.

Let me set the stage. A Buzz60 host Patrick Jones was conducting street interviews to see how New Yorkers feel about catcalling and the new anti-catcalling street signs that have been popping up all over the city. From the edited video, one can assume that the majority of people interviewed agree that catcalling is inappropriate. It makes women (and the occasional man) feel uncomfortable and unsafe, and it’s harassment that women are forced to deal with on a near-daily basis.

But one guy energetically — and moronically — disagrees. He argues that it makes women feel good about themselves. Ladies – he’s doing us a favor! He’s taking the time out of his day to congratulate us on doing something great: getting out of bed in the morning so men can look at us. At one point in the interview, he says something that makes you wonder, “Can this guy even hear himself talk?!” He says in reference to how he whistles and hisses at women, “Even if it’s far away, it’s better… ’cause they’re not that scared.”

‘Cause they’re not that scared. Huh. So… you know that women are less afraid when you’re calling them from afar. Which means you know that women feel afraid when they experience this harassment. And yet… we like it?! And yet, it makes us feel good?! What. The. Fuck?

Need I say more? This guy is a perfect, infuriating example of overt interpersonal sexism that women encounter all the time. And he has no idea that it’s an issue. After all, he uses the exact same whistle to call a dog, and they always head straight towards him. So ladies, what’s our problem?



One thought on ““Even if it’s Far Away, it’s Better… ‘Cause They’re Not that Scared”

  1. Dori: I also saw this video and had a very similar reaction. His comments about women feeling less afraid from a distance but women appreciating catcalling are beyond confusing to me. Is this real life?!?


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