My New Favorite Fox Correspondent

My New Favorite Fox Correspondent

I am rarely one to send a shout out to a Fox News correspondent. In fact, the only time I ever really watch Fox News is when it’s a compilation of ridiculous clips that Jon Stewart has put together. But, I couldn’t not recognize Fox Sports 1 television host Katie Nolan, who recently blasted one of her colleagues Rebecca Johnson for writing a sexist, dated blog post entitled, “How to Land a Husband at the Masters.”

Johnson’s tips include:

  • Go with another girl. (Obvi, Johnson. We wouldn’t want someone to think we were dating a man we went with. And of course, there’s no way that a girl could be dating another girl.)
  • Dress appropriately. Take off the Lilly Pulitzer skort and golf shoes. Guys aren’t into that. (And women, remember that you are dressing to please the men around you. Not for comfort or because *gasp* the clothes you wear make you feel good.)
  • Smile and have fun. No one wants to approach a girl with a scowl on her face. (You must be in a good mood. All the time. Full stop.)
  • Don’t drink too much. You’re looking for your husband, not a one night stand. (Because you could never marry someone who has a one night stand. That’s obviously off-the-table.)
  • Keep moving. Let’s be honest. You aren’t there for the golf. (Need I say more?)

Just to be clear about the above tips, the parentheticals are my words, not Johnson’s.

Katie Nolan brilliantly trashes the whole premise of this article. This article that is blatantly, overtly sexist. This article that perpetuates old-fashioned ideas about everything that women value… Oh wait. The only thing the article mentions that women value is… a HUSBAND. That’s the only thing women want, you guys! How foolish that I was pursuing other goals in my life.

Obviously, this article irritated me. I am obviously riled up that in 2015 a woman is writing this garbage, presumably writing for other women! And now… now I’m starting to get scared. How many women actually feel this way?

This fear made me do something I don’t normally do. I made a critical internet error. I read the comments section. I was hoping that I would find that all of the female commentators (and lots of men!) would agree with me. And… there were a few great ones: “You are an embarrassment to women everywhere.” ~ AnnMarie H. “AnnMarie is wrong – this article is only an embarrassment to women with self respect.” ~ Chris B. responds. But sadly, for each of those accurate comments, there are at least three defending the author.

After considering this for a minute, I catch myself. Maybe I shouldn’t be so angry? Maybe I should forgive Johnson for writing about how to find a husband? I’m sure that there are lots of intelligent, self-respecting women out there who want to get married to a man who loves golf and is attracted to women in brightly colored dresses and sensible flats. And that is fine with me. Is it wrong that they have these desires? Absolutely not. After all, I’m all for people being free to make their own decisions and pursue their own happiness, whatever that looks like for them.

So yes. I’ve decided that it’s totally fine that there’s an article out there entitled, “How to Find a Husband at the Masters.” But it’s even more fine that there’s a video completely shutting it down. Freedom of speech, y’all.



2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Fox Correspondent

  1. I can so relate to your shock surrounding overtly sexist articles written by women… I’ve come across so many – especially as I’ve been searching to find things to write about for this blog. I’ve come to realize that because I am surrounded by so many like-minded women, it can be difficult to remember that we are not always in the majority in terms of our (progressive) views and beliefs – but dialogue matters! Creating teachable moments can promote positive growth and change if done constructively. Don’t lose faith!


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